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Plaza Real Estate Office has more than 25 years of experience, in the real estate business and marketplace.  
We are dedicated to finding the best outcome to your sale.

At Plaza Real Estate, integrity is our watchword. Our people are open and honest about your situation. They will answer all of your questions. So you are never left in the dark about progress on your sale, concerns you may have or personal situations that can affect your goals. Giving you quality, professional, frank and fearless representation is the most important thing we do.

Our real estate firms focus areas are residential sales of houses, units and land regardless of age, size or location. 
We specialize in helping clients who are in trouble with their bank or are in danger of foreclosing - as we have direct contact with the banks. deceased estates and estate services including sale of goods and chattels. divorce and separation Issues. retirement, upsizing, downsizing. 

We give your sale the care and consideration it deserves while seeking the best possible outcome.

If you have a problem. We'll help you fix it!

Areas of Practice


Calculating your property value is where you begin. Once you have a baseline of your likely pricing, you can determine your next steps. Being misled here will lead to disaster. You can ask for more money if you want, but being told a high price, just to make you happy is something we do NOT do. If you are just after being 'told' a high price, that's not us. However if you want an accurate starting point - call us on 83961100.

Marketing and Sale Options

The strategy will depend on your plans. Whether you need to move straight away or a bit later.
Your choices include:
* Fixed Price
* Price Range
* Set Date
* Auction
* or a Low Key approach.
They all have a special advantage depending on when you need to move.
Once you know that, then you can work out which suits you and your property the best.
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Real Property

Our consultants will help you with real property and real estate situations, including the purchase of a house or the sale of property.
Whether you are after an Appraisal of your home or investment property? Want advice or recommendations of which improvements to make? Considering Subdividing? Upsizing? Downsizing? Getting Married? Separating or Divorcing? Need information about a Deceased Estate or Estate Services?... or any matter.
We Will HELP You! Call 83961100.


Eriks Draiska

Eriks focus is on getting you a result. As a single father of an independent minded teenager he understands communication, patience and understanding. He'll never give up on you either.

What Our Clients Say 

"Mr Eriks helped my Mummy and Daddy and my 2 younger sisters sell our lovely home, so we could afford a big new one. We love it there. Thank you Mr Eriks and your nice team." 

Benjamin (6yo) of Salisbury East

"My elderly parents died a few months apart. What used to be the family home from so long ago had to be sold. It was a difficult time sorting through the things no longer needed. Eriks kindly helped us arrange selling these through his Estate Services as well as getting the home sold quickly."

Naomi and Kevin of Glenelg

"We were going to lose our home of 35 years to the bank! We’d hit some hard times and nasty letters were piling up. We were so worried and were almost ready to give in. We were introduced to Eriks’ and his team. He’s had years of experience in dealing with similar events. He contacted the Bank and got them to work with us. He helped arrange much-needed repairs with trustworthy contractors. Our home was on the market and sold in 4 weeks and our loans were paid out. He helped us stay in control."

Margaret & George of Edwardstown

What Makes Us Different

At Plaza Real Estate Office, we understand that your sale is important to you. We treat you and your situation with the courtesy and respect you deserve. Our consultants get to know you and your situation personally as well as professionally.

We are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Once you become our client, we will work in partnership every step of the way and you will always be kept informed.

Our goal is to take any burden of your property sale off of your shoulders. We will review your situation and look at all available options to find the best solution for your individual circumstances.
Our consultants will always represent your best interests.

If you've had a bad experience in the past, let that go... because we won't let that happen to you again.

Real Results for Real People by the Real Estate People... Guaranteed!

Our promise...
Your Home SOLD in 90 Days or Less or We SELL it For FREE!

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